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About Us

We are a dedicated team of fashion and lifestyle bloggers who love sharting tips, advice and help to people who love looking and feeling their best. 

We have something for everyone, all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientation. everyone is welcome in our community. If you have a story to tell then we would love to hear from you.

We have been blogging about fashion and beauty for nearly 20 years and all of our team have worked in the industry to some extent but we decided to form our own community after becoming disillusioned with the current offering for health, beauty and fashion related content. So we created Paris Woman

Our Mission

What we do

We listen and we learn.
Our aim is to help everyone feel great about themselves. Whatever that looks like for you, from health tips to fashion advice or just life advice in general. We have an expert in all areas with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to help you our with some of the most difficult of questions. Ask your team a question today.
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Why Blog For Us?

Do you want o be featured on our blog? We have weekly opportunities to join or creative or editorial team and contribute to our blog or community forum.
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